Serve to Dignify

We believe that all of mankind was created with dignity and that all of us should always be served to uphold each others rightful dignity.

Support the underserved

Our passion is the serve and support the underserved within our communities in hoping to help them in a time of need.

Inspire Hope

Our mission is to work to serve our community members so that it inspires hope for a brighter futher for us all.

Give San Diego is a culturally sensative community-based organization dedicated to serve and empower the underserved.

We Stand with the vulnerable, partnering with local organizations and governmental agencies to end the cycle of suffering, help transform lives, and build sustainable communities.

Give San Diego’s mission is to help San Diegan’s in need of assistance to live a happier and fuller life. Our projects are based around helping to provide access to resources to the bare necessities of life.

The capacity of our assistance and the effectiveness of our projects are based on our communities support.

Donate Now

Let’s start doing your bit for the underserved. Donate a little.

Our Staff & Volunteers

Our dedicated Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers have a passion for serving the San Diego community and community members.  We work tirelessly to help uplift our fellow community members to be able to live sucessful and productive lives.

  • Sozan Farsakh
  • Tareq Purmul
  • Sarah Fateih
  • Kadir Tung
  • Rawya El-Malt
  • Manal Al-Abed
  • Samer Naseredden
  • Leeza Matti
  • Rana Tawfik
  • Shahad Aljanabi
  • Nermeen Bassiouny
  • Ahmad Aljanabi
  • Asha Abdirahim
  • Sofia Valirova
  • Nadah Feteih
  • Moyo Buari
  • Mariam Bassiouny
  • Yarah Feteih