Diaper Gap: Low-Income Families biggest Struggle

It’s no secret that raising a child is expensive, for many people it goes beyond their financial strain. Diapers are a necessity and critical for a child’s health, from the minute they are born up until they become toddlers, they use diapers on a daily basis. Diapers range from $100-$120 per month for a proximate of 10 diapers per day. This is a serious burden for the families on the cusp of poverty. This leaves many families who are living paycheck to paycheck with the decision of choosing basic essentials such as food or providing diapers for their children.

Knowing the importance of diapers to a child and family’s welfare, they are not considered considered essential but luxury hygiene products and therefore, are not covered by Government Assistant Programs such as WIC and EBT. This crisis is affecting many families in San Diego County and it’s causing family’s to make decisions and sacrifices that is affecting their wellbeing and health.

Our organization has worked with many low income families, refugees families and more who struggle to provide basic necessities for their loved ones and diapers were one of their main struggles as they are unable to afford them. We wanted to make that change in our community and help families with one of their struggling needs.

At Give San Diego we are proud partners with the San Diego Food Bank and are a partner distribution site for the Diaper Bank Program. We were selected to be the candidates for this grant and got accepted to help serve and assist those who are most in need.

Every 1 in 3 families are in need of diapers, only one family could use up to 3,000 diapers per year for one child according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of the problems these struggling families are facing is that they are unable to place their kids into subsidized day care for low-income families due to the requirement that each day a parent must bring 8-10 diapers, which adds another burden on their shoulders. They are unable to utilize these assistant programs because they require things that go beyond their capacity. Diaper gap is a major concern for many families due to the expenses. We, as an organization are growing and are planning to help our clients and families far more than what other organization are able to prove.

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